London’s Cleaners

London’s Premium Cleaning Service

  • 94% average rating from hundreds of happy clients.
  • Over fifty 5* reviews on Facebook, Yell and Yelp.
  • We recruit <1% of all cleaning applicants to our company.
  • Our 50-point checklist ensures a high-quality consistent service.
  • 100% money back guarantee. Any issues? We’ll refund you fully.

Our Vision: Cleaning the Capital

Since its founding in AD 50, London has been a centre of commerce, affluence and excellence. That being said; London hasn’t always been as cleanly as it is in modern times. Even now London requires a concerted effort to keep clean due to the sheer volume of people living in such a small area of the world. Keeping London clean and pristine is our ultimate goal. When cleaning needs doing in London, we’re confident that we are the go-to team for cleaning the capital.

Premier Work-Space Cleaning & Housekeeping in Central London

The centre of Britain; London may be small in geographic terms (when compared to international metropolises like New York) – but it’s absolutely jam packed. By population London is the largest city in Europe, home to over eight and a half million people.Keeping London clean takes attention to detail, passion, dedication and plenty of hard graft. Because of this our candidate approval process accepts fewer than 1% of all applicants. Not everyone has what it takes to clean up the capital so we take only the chosen few.One think that keeps the capital running like clockwork is clear communication. This factors into our recruitment drive: all successful applicants must be 100% fluent in the English language. Covered by an extremely comprehensive £2,000,000 insurance policy, our cleaners are confident in their ability to provide the best possible clean with minimal disturbance to your home or office.

One-Off & Regular Cleaning Services

London is a busy beehive. You won’t always know when you’ll be available to grant our cleaners access to your premises. That being the case; you have the option of choosing between regularly scheduled or ‘on-the-fly’ cleaning services. Scheduled cleaning is usually cheaper overall, but you may not need regular cleaning for your property. Whichever option you pick; you can choose the hours our staff spend at your property. You may also work with us to create a priority-oriented list for our cleaners so they know how best to spend their time.

Deep Cleaning Services

If you think that properties in London don’t require the occasional deep clean then think again! Just look at the Thames and how often it’s dredged for grime, dirt and waste. London is home to many and this invariably has an effect on the hygiene of any home or establishment. If your property constantly has different people coming and going, leaving their mark – then you may want to consider a deep clean. Our staff are highly qualified and easily capable of penetrating the places where dirt really likes to hide. Deep cleans are fixed price, based on the number of bedrooms in your property.

Domestic Cleaning & Office Cleaning

London has millions of occupants and commuters. Whether you need regular cleaning for your home or an office deep-cleanse, we have you covered. Our cleaners are capable of professional conduct in either environment.