Our processes and procedures ensure that your home is completely safe with WunderCleans.

We typically recruit less than 1 cleaner for every 100 applicants. We invest significant resources into cleaner recruitment, with all candidates carefully screened and vetted over a multiple-stage process. Below we outline a summary of our interview process:

1. ID / Permission to work in the UK – We are very strict both for the protection of our clients as well as our company reputation. A large percentage of applicants fail this requirement.

2. Telephone interview – We discuss the applicant’s cleaning experience in detail, and also assess their English language ability, which must be near fluency, to enable easy communication with clients.

3. Face-to-Face interview – Over the course of a 1-hour interview, we discuss our requirements in terms of a role with WunderCleans, and whether the candidate is a good potential fit. We also get a better idea of the applicant’s manner. Being able to trust someone in your home, and feel comfortable with them is an aspect that we take extremely seriously.

4. Test Clean – We ask a shortlist of candidates to a 2-hour test clean of one of our properties in central London. Following the clean, one of our senior cleaning staff visits the property for an in-depth inspection. The quality of cleaning required is extremely high, and we see a large percentage of applicants fail at this stage.

5. References – Candidates that pass the test clean stage are then asked to provide two written references, which we follow up by phone call.

Typically only 1 in 100 candidates are successful and offered a role with WunderCleans. Getting this far is only the beginning however. Newly recruited cleaners go through an initial 1-month probation period, where we carefully monitor their performance and they undergo a series of training sessions with our senior cleaners. There are inevitably some cleaners who fail to make the grade, but those that are successful are (in our eyes) the very best in London. We are a small team (compared with the majority of other cleaning companies), but our view is that we would prefer to be smaller and maintain a high-quality service, rather than be too large and and compromise on quality.